About Us

A Mumbai based photographer, I have spent years handling countless photography assignments single-handedly as well as in a team. Depending on client requirement, I partner with other creative photographers to capture a larger variety of angles and perspectives.

One has to love photography passionately or it cannot be a career. My full time MBA in Marketing was followed by five years in a cushy job in a top company which I quit for photography, my true calling. It has led to the most amazing experiences across countries and continents. I’m happy to go outside Mumbai to capture the beauty of weddings and for other photography assignments.

As a global moderator on PhotographyClubofIndia.com and a professor member on India’s oldest photography forum jjmehta.com I have been able to help and guide myriad people with queries on this subject.

My expertise also stems from the many hours put in researching the latest gear, techniques and practicing what I have learned in the field by clicking hundreds of thousands of photographs. I have already gone through more than 5 cameras so far as I truly believe there is no substitute for actual shooting experience.

I use a variety of gear to click photos and my gear is never constant. As a firm believer in ethics, all my wedding packages are clearly defined so that no one pays one paisa over and above what is included.