For commercial, portrait and custom photography, we would be happy to work out a package with you to best serve your requirements. From small, personal assignments to corporate photography, we’re here to make things happen. Immediate turnarounds are possible when you require that last minute project with a deadline.

Standard Wedding Packages:

Option A: Rs. 20,000 per day.


- One pro photographer for the entire day.

- The assurance of all pro equipment, multiple cameras, flashes etc.

- One engraved pen drive with all edited photos.

Option B: Rs. 30,000 per day.


- Two pro photographers for the entire day (For more angles covered and different creative perspectives).

- Both will use pro equipment, multiple cameras, flashes etc.

- One engraved pen drive with all edited photos

Bonus : A pre/post wedding shoot is included with both packages, on location.

Optional: One 10 x 12” wedding album (60 pages) for Rs. 10,000.
Additional charges: Travelling expenses and prints.

For weddings in locations outside Mumbai, packages will differ.

Don’t hesitate to share specific needs as well as budgets so that we can further customise a package for you.

Have you had your special occasion ruined with poor quality photographs and unprofessionalism after paying a bomb to photographers who send an “assistant” or “team” of half trained freshers? With us, the difference is clear. Reasons why we stand out:

+ Photos are processed within just 15 days so your friends and family can re-live and treasure the joy of your magical day.

+ With painstaking attention to detail, long hours are spent editing and processing all photographs. Capturing the essence of a union of souls – the colours, beauty, myriad rituals, laughter, joy, sanctity and effervescence is what we specialise in.

+ We will not limit the number of photographs handed over. At your leisure, you can then pick the ones you love best and thus no one is left out.

+ A friendly approach and genuine camaraderie ensures delightful, relaxed captures and exclusive behind the scenes photos, even if that means climbing onto your window grill to get that one perfect shot.

+ Come rain or shine, we are professionals who will always be there on time, with all equipment pretested, including back-ups.

+ The client’s needs come first. Whether for more photographers, videographers or photo booths, we would be happy to fulfil your requirements.

+ Since we are not mass market photographers, you can be assured of attention to detail and of constant communication both before and after any shoot.

We would love to hear from you. Contact Brendon at +91 9324011825 to find out more and to discuss your particular needs.